Samuel Anzalone
Ajoutée le 20 juil. 2015
Comment transformer votre téléphone en commande WIFI pour l’ECOS

Samuel Anzalone
Ajoutée le 27 juin 2015
Comment paramétrer vos servos moteurs sur une console Ecos via un switchpilot. Alimentation des cœurs, inscription sur un TCO.

Ajoutée le 20 juin 2014
Steuerung eines Fahrwegs mit Gleisbildtastern, ECoS2 (Software 4.0.0)

Ajoutée le 4 juin 2014
Programmierung von Fahrwegen zur Sperrung von Signalen bei Fahrt-Stellung eines Signals mit der ECoS (Software 4.0.0)

Ajoutée le 22 mars 2016
A Short Description of the Installation process of installing a LokSound L Decoder is an Atlas Locomotive

Can use both an ESU LokSound L V4.0 and Select L.

More info can be found at :

Ajoutée le 2 mars 2016
Welcome to the ESU Virtual Clinic Series

Today’s video will cover programming locomotives using the manual inputs on the ESU ECoS DCC System. This will cover Engine Numbers, Names, Function Icons and more.

Find More info at :

Ajoutée le 14 oct. 2017
Welcome to the Future of DCC! ESU’s New CabControl WiFi DCC System! Since smart phones with touch screens have almost completely replaced the conventional mobile phone, model train enthusiasts and manufacturers face the question how to employ more powerful devices for controlling model trains. As a result of this, many apps have been developed lately, which can be uploaded onto your mobile phone and used for running your trains.

This concept, however, has one disadvantage, namely that smart phones have not been primarily designed for running model trains. Due to the lack of suitable input elements the operator is forced to spend most of the time looking at the display. The limits become quickly obvious so we at ESU had a look at the question on how to utilize the advantages of the smart phone technology and combine it with the needs of model train enthusiasts.

It is with great joy that we now present the results of our considerations. With the new ESU CabControl DCC system you have wireless control of your locomotives, accessories and routes simply by Wi-Fi!

With the 50310 CabControl Integrated Control Unit, advanced model railroading is as simple as ever. With our new system, you have full control over your locomotives, switches and signals just at the tap of a finger. The unit communicates with our Mobile Control II Wireless Controller via wireless LAN. The CabControl’s integrated 7 Amp booster also allows it to power even larger layouts with ease. LokSound decoders equipped with RailComPlus® even register automatically with the system! Running trains has finally caught up with the technology of today!

For more info please visit :